Freeport Event Center



200+ people braved the snow and the cold to attend the Meet & Mingle PA Governor and Lt. Governor debates on Friday, Jan 28. The debates were mostly civil on stage, but there were plenty of words post-debate in the hallways. 7 candidates fielded questions from moderators and the audience during the two and half hour session. Candidates included:

Candidates for Governor Shawn Berger and John Ventre
Candidates for Lieutenant Governor Teddy Daniels, Carrie Delrosso, Jen GV, James Jones, Dr. Rick Saccone


Live music was provided prior to the event by Bill Postle (of Doppler Affect and The Winery Cats) and there were plenty of vendors in attendance as well. The event was sponsored by Metarko Excavation of Harmony, PA. The event was also live streamed nationally. For more information visit: